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  • PROSMED-Prostate and Bladder Diseases Center-Turkey Hot (Rating: 8.3, Votes: 146) [ RATE IT ]

    PROSMED is the first medical center in Turkey dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate and Bladder diseases. Web site provides information on this specific medical area and the most recent prostate operation technique HOLMIUM LASER PROSTATECTOMY through videos, illustrations, images and text. People with urological complaints can also get some additional information about the possible reasons of their complaints and what to do by filling out the INTERACTIVE FORM. (Language:Turkish and English)

    Country : TURKEY - (Added: 21-Oct-1998 Hits: 257) -

  • "CENTER OF DOCTOR : HISHAM HUSSEIN IMAM,MD." (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    Our center is a specialised center in the feild of obstetrics and gynecology(women health).we provide help to all women (egyptian and others) our facilities include: *-pregnancy follow up and deliveries *-infertility treatment *-menopause management *-ultrasonography *-family planning *-premarriatal examination *-sex therapy *-others our center is a prestegious and located in the center of cairo

    Country : EGYPT - (Added: 11-Oct-2001 Hits: 7) -


    "Leading exporter of human, veterinary and poultry medicines. dear sir, we introduce ourselves as a iso 9002 certified manufacturer of drugs and medicines for human, veterinary and poultry use. star laboratories (pvt.) ltd, was established in 1960 an"

    Country : PAKISTAN - (Added: 11-Aug-2001 Hits: 6) -

  • Advanced Sports Nutrition Co. (Rating: 10, Votes: 1) [ RATE IT ]

    Manufacturers of sports nutrition & health food supplements in egypt since 1993. all products are registered at the egyptian ministry of health nutritional division.

    Country : Egypt - (Added: 20-Oct-2002 Hits: 6) -

  • Air Ionizer Cleaner Purifier (Rating: 10, Votes: 1) [ RATE IT ]

    FREE Shipping Worldwide with prompt delivery and very competitive selling price.

    Country : Malaysia - (Added: 22-Sep-2000 Hits: 5) -

  • Al Hamer Trading Est (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    Al Hamer Trading Establishment is one of the most experienced Companies in Bahrian, dealing in Pharmaceuticals, Baby Nursing/Mothercare accessories, Baby Foods, Hospitals and Laboratory Equipments, Chemicals, Cosmetic- Skincare, Hair Care products. With its retail outlets and other subsideries, the company has grown into one of Bahrain leading business houses. Today, Company is the sole distributer of famous European, American, Japanese and other Far East manufactures of Hi-Tech specialities of Medicines, Baby/Mother care accessories, Baby Foods, Cosmetics, Diamond/ Gold jeweley and Rarest Gems.

    Country : BAHRAIN - (Added: 2-Dec-1998 Hits: 168) -

  • Alin Beauty and Cosmetic Center (Rating: 9.4, Votes: 9) [ RATE IT ]

    Web site provides information on different aspects of skin care and beauty, including two interactive forms for direct questions.(Language Turkish)

    Country : Turkey - (Added: 27-Mar-1999 Hits: 209) -

  • Ankara Numune Hospitals (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    Ankara Numune Hospital which was founded in 1881 as the Guraba Hospital and after 1924 as the Numune Hospital, has served millions of people and has educated thousands of doctors. Emergency unit is the first and single unit in the Turkey with its modern structure and technologic equipment. With internal medicine and surgery services (total 60 beds) and operating rooms all the emergent manipulations are done. Annually over 250.000 emergent cases are examined bye the specialists. There is also a 24 hour serving CT unit in the emergency unit. Conventional Radiology, USG and Biochemistry Laboratory are also serve whole day.

    Country : Turkey - (Added: 4-Dec-1998 Hits: 74) -

  • BARSEL LTD. (Rating: 10, Votes: 1) [ RATE IT ]

    We are a manufacturer founded in 1985 based in istanbul/turkey producing 'green' branded mini cigarette filters.looking for business samples on request.

    Country : TURKEY - (Added: 5-May-2002 Hits: 5) -

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