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  • Islamic Centre for Development of Trade Hot <>Review (Rating: 8.2, Votes: 15) [ RATE IT ]

    Islamic Centre for Development of Trade is a subsidiary organ of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) created to promote trade between member countries as well as trade with the rest of the world. Besides a Trade Information Network for Islamic Countries is being set up. It includes various Data Banks open to the economic operators of the Islamic World. The Data Banks are as follows : Trade Regulations Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Agreements between Member States ; Foreign Trade Operators ; Trade Promotion Organizations ; Foreign Trade Statistics ; Trade Opportunities ; Trade Events.
    -Rationalization of its activities and programs;
    -Creation of suitable conditions leading to the promotion of such activities.

    The major functions of the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade are to :
    a) Carry out research and studies concerning development of trade among Member States;
    b) Contribute to the dissemination of commercial information and data between the Member States;
    c) Hold trade fairs and exhibitions in order to contribute to the promotion of the products of Member States.
    d) Promote contacts between businessmen in the Member States who are involved in intra-community trade in its various aspects and organize meetings and seminars for them ;
    e) Organize seminars, symposiums and periodic training courses for participants from Member States ;
    f) Help Member States to set up Organizations and National Associations for trade promotion and/or strengthen them ;
    g) Encourage exchange of ideas and experience for the promotion of intra-community trade;
    h) Offer advice for consideration for Member States regarding commercial policies to be applied and the means to be adopted to promote expansion of intra-community trade ;
    i) Pursue all other activities which would permit the Centre to attain its objectives...

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  • Bankers' Society of Bahrain (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    The Bankers’ Society of Bahrain was established in 1979 by Ministerial Order and acts as the professional association of banks representing the interests of all banking institutions operating in Bahrain. OBJECTIVES The Society’s objectives are many and varied, such as : 1.To promote the interest of the Bahrain banking community, domestically and internationally. To this end, many official meetings are held at the highest level between representatives of the Bankers’ Society and government officials both from Bahrain and overseas. The Bankers’ Society enjoys a particularly close working relationship with the Bahrain Monetary Agency 2.To represent the Bahrain banking community in its relationship with the Government of Bahrain and any of its agencies in matters affecting the interests of its members. 3.To support and encourage the provision of training, development and education facilities in the banking sector, especially through the Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance, as well as the organization of professional lectures, seminars and conferences. 4.To provide a forum for its members to meet and discuss matters of interest to the Bahrain banking community as well as many other additional activities such as hosting VIP functions, meeting visiting delegations and providing day-to-day assistance, guidance and support to member banks.

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    International brokerage house having world wide network assisting importers and exporters around the world in global trading.

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  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut is pleased to place at the reach of the international business community this interactive presentation of its activities, services, and adherent enterprises. Through this site on the Internet, the Chamber is seeking to promote all sectors and activities of the private economy in Lebanon. It is our belief that to regain their position at the leading edge of progress, business enterprises in Lebanon need to embrace the precepts of the information age, or more appropriately, the knowledge age.

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  • Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) which enjoys the status of the apex body of trade and industry has a significant and most distinguished role in the economic development of the country. Its primary aim is to promote, encourage and safeguard the interest of private sector in Pakistan and to serve as a bridge between the business community and the government. FPCCI has its fingers on the pulse of the economy and serves as a beacon light for trade and industry.

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  • German-Arab Chamber of Commerce (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    The German-Arab Chamber of Commerce ( GACC ) is one of the first German Chambers abroad established after the second world war. It is linked to and assisted by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHT), Bonn/Germany. Our network covers the Federal Republic of Germany with 85 decentralized operating Chambers of Commerce and Industry and actually 74 Chambers of Commerce, Delegate and Representation Offices in 64 countries of the world. the new emerging Middle East markets the GACC in Cairo coordinates the establishment of own premises in Lebanon and Palestine and activities in Jordan and Syria. The German-Arab Chamber of Commerce offers its services not only to its members but also to non-members (against fees).

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    The Palestinian Development InfoNet disseminates information on development assistance and reconstruction in the West Bank and Gaza for use by NGOs, the private sector, policy makers, and scholarly researchers. The PDIN website is maintained by the Interuniversity Consortium for Arab Studies (Montréal), with the support of the Arts Computer Network, McGill University, and the World Bank. The site coordinator retains sole responsibility for the materials included herein.

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    The Palestinian Trade Promotion Organization (PTPO) was established as a non-governmental organization by a group of Palestinian business persons and economic development activists in 1992 "to promote and develop Palestinian exports and economically beneficial trading relations world-wide". It maintains offices in Ramallah, Gaza and Rotterdam, Holland. Main Activities / Services Immediately following its establishment, PTPO activities were focused on matchmaking between Palestinian producers and foreign importers, and on facilitating the participation of Palestinian producers in third-party sponsored training, import promotion and product adaptation activities. As the PTPO staff accumulated experience and perspective, the PTPO’s program was re-focused on export development, and on groups of dynamic Palestinian firms with the managerial resources, capacity and will to achieve international competitiveness and develop sustainable export businesses. The majority of the PTPO’s activities are conducted within the framework of Sectoral Export Development (SED) Programs. The PTPO currently operates SED programs for five product areas: apparel and accessories, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, non- traditional fresh agricultural products, processed foods and non-traditional handicrafts.

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