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  • Association of Iranian Professionals of Austin Hot (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    Association of Iranian Professionals of Austin (AIPA) is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization that was established in 1991 by a group of Iranian professionals, who reside and work in Austin, Texas. The primary objective of this organization is to provide an environment where Iranian professionals can get together on a regular basis, have the opportunity to form a professional network and expand their knowledge base through lectures, seminars and workshops, which are open to public at large. The organization is non-discriminatory, and open to peoples of all races, sexes, languages, ethnic origins, and religions.

    Country : Iran - (Added: 5-Nov-1998 Hits: 293) -

  • Association of Lebanese Industrialists Hot (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    The association of Lebanese Industrialists founded in 1943, is a Lebanese economic organization grouping industrialists from all Lebanese region in a concerted and balanced effort at promoting and developing industry in Lebanon. The association seeks to create and maintain an atmosphere which is favorable to industrial growth and development. Considering the fact that industry in Lebanon, except for cigarette manufacturing, is purely private, the Association's role becomes even more marked.

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  • BUGIAD: The Active Young Businessmen Association of Bursa - Turkey Hot <>Review (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    Bursa, is the 4th biggest city in Turkey after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. It was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire and has become the capital of textile and Automotive industry today.

    Besides the capacity of production and exportation, the area is beginning to have more and more hypermarkets, shopping centers, showrooms, fair,etc.

    As BUGIAD we have 175 members from various sectors. We are also in contact with hundreds of business associations and businessmen. We are providing them services concerning consultancy, information, organizations, seminars, business trips, trade fairs, promotions and investments.

    You can send us your offers by e-mail or fax about import, export, tourism and all kinds of cooperation.

    You offers will not only be advertised on our web site and our Office Bulletin Board but also via fax or e-mail to all our members and other organizations.

    Please send your Organisation's / Firm's particulars such as catalogues, brochures, CD's, Video Casettes and sample products to our contact address.

    We will be waiting for your partnership offers,

    Country : TURKEY - (Added: 6-Dec-1998 Hits: 314) -

  • Egyptian Businessmen's Association Hot (Rating: 5, Votes: 2) [ RATE IT ]

    The Egyptian Businessmen's Association (EBA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that seeks to unify the efforts of private Egyptian interests in contributing to the productive and efficient national economic and social development of Egypt. Objectives To Create a healthy economic environment for the bussinessmen in order to practice a constructive role in the economic development process. To address economic issues and problems facing the business community through a dialogue with Government officials and authorities. To Participate with the Government in the policy making process with the aim of better application of laws and regulations resulting in a higher level of performance. To support the free enterprise and private initiatives in the framework of the National economic and social plan. To develope business opportunities and strengthen investment relations between Egypt and the international business communities. To provide consultancy, technical and legal advisory services to businessmen to facilitate their activities.

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  • JIBA Europe Hot (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    JIBA EUROPE is an organisation comprising of businessmen, businesswomen and professionals. The main object of JIBA EUROPE is to promote and advance the interest of members in their respective business or profession.

    Country : United Kingdom - (Added: 28-Feb-1999 Hits: 248) -

  • Malaysian Association of CPAs Hot (Rating: 0, Votes: 0) [ RATE IT ]

    With businesses undergoing such dramatic changes in the last decade, the role of Accountants in today's corporate management has rightly gained wider recognition by local and multinational corporations. Organisations, concerned with quality technical service are becoming more aware of the need for a new breed of Accountants. They need the Certified Public Accountant. The Certified Public Accountant, CPA stands for : a highly qualified business professional, the highest level of technical competence, professional skills, and practical professional experience. In Malaysia, the CPA has to pass the examination conducted by The Malaysian Association

    Country : Malaysia - (Added: 17-Oct-1998 Hits: 251) -

  • United Muslim Association Of New York, Inc. Hot (Rating: 4, Votes: 1) [ RATE IT ]

    The purpose of United American Muslim Association (UAMA) is to answer the needs of the muslim people who live in USA and feel the spiritual delight of being a muslim.

    Country : USA - (Added: 23-Nov-1998 Hits: 252) -

  • Mr GORDON JOSEPH (Rating: 10, Votes: 1) [ RATE IT ]

    "Corn,maiza, palm oil, palm kenel."

    Country : NIGERIA - (Added: 2-Aug-2002 Hits: 31) -

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